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Lees hier recensies die onze gasten geschreven hebben op Google. Bent u op zoek naar een restaurant voor ontbijt, lunch of diner in Den Haag dan helpt Google met het maken van uw keuze.


Henk Avatar

Little gem in the urban jungle of Binckhorst. Free parking. Waterfront lunch/dinner coffee. The building is an old paint factory,... read more

Henk 05/05/18
Alex Avatar

good service nice food ( angus burger)

Alex 24/02/18
Federico Avatar

It's a bit difficult to find among all the construction works, but it's worth the effort: it lays along the... read more

Federico 20/06/18
Johan Avatar

Good service, bit expensive if you ask me. Great atmosphere and seating. Location is decent but the area is still... read more

Johan 12/05/18
John Avatar

They know coffee. But also good for something to eat in relaxed atmosphere.

John 10/03/18
PJ Avatar

Really good coffee. Chocolate taart was awesome. They were very accommodating as the terrace was closed but we had a... read more

PJ 27/10/18
Preslava Avatar

Great food/drinks and amazing customer service!

Preslava 06/02/19
Jakob Avatar

We had great coffee and a little snack. The place is very nicely made and the atmosphere is great.

Jakob 01/04/18
Rutger Avatar

Good service, great food.

Rutger 20/12/18
Anthony Avatar

Capriole Café is echt een verborgen parel. Schuilend achter het industriegebied van de Binckhorst vind je daar plots een sereen... read more

Anthony 15/06/18
Brit Avatar

Great place for a coffee. Love the decor and feel of the place.

Brit 11/02/18
Sie-Hang Avatar

Always have a good time here and the staff is extremely nice, never had one day where the people weren't... read more

Sie-Hang 12/02/18