Barista, Latte Art and Coffee Workshops The Hague


Come join us at Capriole Café in The Hague, here we offer a range of coffee and barista workshops within our coffee roastery and coffee bar. You can book a private session or join in on one of our informative public group workshops


Click on “reservation public workshop” to see available dates and times. Depending on the date, you can choose a workshop in Dutch or English.



Participants learn how to cup and analyse coffees from all over the world. On completion of the 1,5 hour workshop participants will have a better understanding of coffee origins and flavors as we fine tune your palette and take you on a coffee journey from bean to cup.

Public workshop for max 10 people: € 32,50 per person.
Private workshop for max 10 people: € 200 per group.



Join our coffee roaster during a roasting session and we will take you on a 1,5 hour journey from green beans to roasted beans.  During the roasting process learn all our secrets with explanation of equipment, roasting techniques, and a tasty end result. At the end of the workshop you can take a 250 gram bag of freshly roasted coffee home.

Public workshop for max 10 people: € 32,50 per person.
Private workshop for max 10 people: € 200 per group.



Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about making the perfect espresso and cappuccino? Our barista will teach you everything during this 2,5 hour workshop. We will show you how to use a grinder, professional espresso machine and several other barista tools, all while using freshly roasted coffee beans from our coffee roastery.

Public workshop for max 8 people: € 45 per person. 
Private workshop for max 8 people: € 300 per group. 

workshop latte art capriole cafe


If you know how to make a great espresso, it is now  time that you learn how to correctly steam, sweeten, texture, stretch, and then pour your milk to create simple and more advanced latte art. Join our barista in a 2,5 hour workshop and we will share all our milk secrets with you.

Public workshop for max 6 people: € 55 per person.
Private workshop for max 6 people: € 300 per group.